16. Jul, 2016

Keeping a record of ongoing journey

16th July 2016.    I am writing The Legacy of Limga.  Many times have doubts I can do it but the story which follows on from Marranga-Limga certainly has captivated my heart.  It is so hard to accurately pin down historical incidents and write them with the passion of the 'fiction' people who are living what to historians is often information.   My family is also Christian which means that in a town of such rich historical background their path is somewhat different and what I am flowing with in a spiritual sense is quite profound and inspiring.   When I begin to fill the whole is TOO BIG.   one family......two world wars, yet the positive hope of LIMGA...That which lasts forever.  (God Lives)   The picture is my reminder today that what was (and insignificant) dreary looking end on a flower stem became the lily and surprised everyone.   Such is the joy of life and the Promise of what can be.