19. Nov, 2017

Regarding the PEACE BOOK

Published also in 2017 This book is a problem as I can't get the image to download right way round. The cover for this book is a miracle.   I am not a gifted photographer.  I'm a simply focus the camera and press a button type of person.   Hampton Court in England everyone else had camera focussed on the people and the grand buildings and all the dramatic things happening.  I looked to the side and saw a swan on a small lake.  I believe God spoke to me 'Be still and know that I am God'.   I raised the camera and pressed the button the cover for PEACE is the result.  This is why I believe it has a special anointing and deserves a place on the centre of tables in hospitals, nursing homes or private homes where beauty and peace needs to flow in life's hectic circumstances. Peace Picture is correct way round on here.