This Lake Alford. It did not appear to have printed on page. It has printed 2017 confirmation today 18/08

what is this story about?

13th January, 2017.    This story currently being written is about my City.   Gympie is a place of extraordinary history.   I have researched and am taking the Gympie Story from the period 1880-1890 covered by Marranga-Limga.     Legacy is the story of historical events 1895-2015 viewed through the eyes of the fiction family.   This family can put living people into the events of this astonishing place and bring out the passions and feelings of a small community buffeted by World Wars incredible changes in the nation yet standing always TALL because of the tenacity and heart of its people.

        LEGACY OF LIMGA .......  Plans for e-books, world wide coverage.   value I believe for the place and its people.    It has to be an interesting story - a story to grab the heart but always, always be historically accurate.


       Maybe I will see this eventuate.   I know because of my own financial limitations as a pensioner I will need help so the book can be produced (perhaps even a couple of photos on significant chapter headings).    It should be a companion book for any historical books in 2017.      My Hope that somehow, someway it will all come about.   Today I know absolutely it is not possible unless some financial help comes my way. 


Peace and Patience are needed.

Today the e-books for Legacy have officially been posted on line.  This means that all E-book facilities can now access the novel and it is officiall 'out there'.  Hard copies and the full range of bookmarks, postcards, personal cards etc will all be coming soon I hope.   The solft cover book has been accepted and approved but the hardcover book has a glitch.   The cover looks stunnning but the wrong book was inside.   I will wait now for author's copy to arrive and then approve the full package of books for my own needs etc.