This is the now published legacy of limga book. Not just the cover a reality

Late Night inability to sleep writing

Even this has come in upside down.

e   I have given up the first attempts to sleep because of a need to write. I think the main disturbance came as I was re-reading Legacy of Limga the hardcover book I have as the Author's copy.   In spite of careful editing and with other eyes to double-check mistakes still occur and the couple of minor ones I discovered were unimportant but tonight I saw that in one small cameo scene I have in 1924 Michael addressing Tom as Dad in the excitement of a billy cart journey mishap. I have read and reread the story and never noticed.   Tom is Michael's Grand-dad not Dad.  Only a slip I suppose but when I realised I was 'gob-smacked'.  Don't think there is much I can do to change this without a lot of expense but it has shaken for the time being my confidence.  This book and the Peace Meditation Book were in 2017 a reflection of the IMPOSSIBLE becoming POSSIBLE and I wanted the outcome to be both a blessing and perfect.   Now I know Legacy is flawed and perhaps even the story is also.   Maybe tonight I am having a real bout of self-doubt and uncertainty.    I want Legacy to be appreciated and even loved but now my own uncertainties are spoiling the whole. Perhaps I need a dose of the PEACE the reason for the Meditation Book's existance. 

Glad I had the space to write here and express. Not all smooth sailing in any project.......... God grant now a time to sleep. 

21. Sep, 2017

He did1

A note here ....not only did He grant me Peace and sleep in that night of self-doubt but also revealed something,,,,,,, .Calling his Pop....Dad was so naturally 'normal' under the excitement circumstances. Like with God.....He has no grandchildren.....the relationship is Abba Father. I re-read the completed book and now I see not a 'flaw' but an intrinsic TRUTH about relationships.