4th November, 2017

streams of living water

** Simply a note here to remind me that today I discovered on our old computer that crashed and was saved by a technician in computer shop........ a whole series of SHORT STORIES.....I did not transfer them to the new computer because i thought.....unworthy or not worth bothering about.   I have had a real shock.   A few of these stories have so engaged me personally, I forgot I had even written them.   Perhaps!  Perhaps! this is something I must complete.   Rescuing what is valuable from the midst of the ? unnnecessary or rubbish.   Maybe in 2017 I need to have a SHORT STORIES FILE, A PROSE AND POETRY FILE, GOLDEN RAINS FILE, and maybe a sub-file for children stories and BEAR STORIES.  

Oh life must continue on.......I still have much in the writing area to do.  Praise God! 

20th March 2018.     Indeed returned to this page.   Oh Wow! yes.   Short stories to be transferred here but more than that............New Book maybe one day in my life I will see.   GOLDEN RAINS. at this stage the prelude to the story has been written.     I wonder....indeed I wonder....how long will I live and what can I yet write?

QUESTIONS......QUESTIONS......QUESTIONS are surfacing in my mind.