4th November, 2017

streams of living water

** Simply a note here to remind me that today I discovered on our old computer that crashed and was saved by a technician in computer shop........ a whole series of SHORT STORIES.....I did not transfer them to the new computer because i thought.....unworthy or not worth bothering about.   I have had a real shock.   A few of these stories have so engaged me personally, I forgot I had even written them.   Perhaps!  Perhaps! this is something I must complete.   Rescuing what is valuable from the midst of the ? unnnecessary or rubbish.   Maybe in 2017 I need to have a SHORT STORIES FILE, A PROSE AND POETRY FILE, GOLDEN RAINS FILE, and maybe a sub-file for children stories and BEAR STORIES.  

Oh life must continue on.......I still have much in the writing area to do.  Praise God!