This year began with a new valley - ie health issues and 5 weeks of radiation....Learning to walk the valleys and ever look to the hills. It has been an amazing journey. Thank God for His Presence and the daily Grace.

20th March, 2018

Pristine pure may our hearts and lives always be this perfect. A journey alright.

Today looking over all my writing and trying to bring 'up to date' and relevant.   Nothing has changed with the writing but big changes with me.   Life is a huge learning CURVE.   i PRAY I can encourage others on the Way that with FAITH in Saviour in the fullness of WHO HE was and IS has been ever a great LEARNING TIME. Peace and Grace to all.  For interest the picture above is of a Martello Tower at Saints Bay on the Island of Guernsey in the English Channel.   Very, very old dating back to when the British had to fortify themselves against the French.    In the second world war this beautiful with much that is French in beauty and culture had to contend with German conquest.    Many years of being conquored and many lesson learned by the Island People.    A rich past here of both faith and incredible courage against all invaders,Pirates, disease, French armada and eventually total German conquest......but ever, ever, Christ is LORD! This certainly inspired me.